About Geniocase®

Geniocase® proudly specializes in the manufacture and design of innovative Smart Keyboard Cases and Connectivity Hubs to unlock your iPad's full potential.

Our Roots

Our journey began with the iPad, a groundbreaking device that transformed the way we entertain, communicate, and work. Launched in 2010, Apple's iPad quickly gained traction with its powerful capabilities and portable design, sparking a revolution in the world of computing.

Our Mission

Our first significant achievement was the development of a smart keyboard case solution for the iPad, we call it the Geniocase®.

Although the original iPad design was revolutionary, we felt most users were not getting the most out of their powerful device. They were still typing with the onscreen keyboard, and would always switch to a Macbook whenever serious work needed to be done, relegating the iPad into a secondary device used occasionally for drawing or watching shows.

This led us to create a MacBook-like keyboard case that fully transforms your iPad into a laptop and unlocks its full computing potential. We created a Jam-packed keyboard case with features and technology such as:

  • Fully backlit keyboard allowing typing in total darkness
  • Multi-touch trackpad for easy multitasking between apps and windows
  • 360° swivel screen to allow freedom of viewing at any angle
  • High density PC (Polycarbonate) shell to protect your valuable iPad from damage

Our Evolution and Growth

As Apple continued to innovate and expand the capabilities of iPads, our user base's appetite for more grew as well. This growth inspired us to develop newer and better keyboard cases for the iPad. Geniocase® is constantly innovating and producing newer, better keyboard cases for the latest iPad models.

Why Choose Geniocase®?

Geniocase® delivers professional hardware and outstanding customer service to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers. We provide fast, free shipping worldwide, and are proud to offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you can try out your Geniocase® with zero risk. Our expert support team are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours

Need to consult with an iPad specialist? Reach out to us at support@geniocase.com